Filter Service & AMC

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Just like most appliances in your home and office, your filtered water system will have to be maintained regularly. UV Water Systems can service or maintenance of any filtering system. We are equipped to work with all kinds/brands of filter systems, even if you didn’t purchase the filter from us.

Each filtration system has different service cycles. Check the manual for your particular water filter for details. If you are not sure about your water filter service schedule, we would be happy to offer a free consultation to assist.

We offer free in-home water testing. Call us on 9763 7786

Keep in mind, if you currently own a water filtering system, regular maintenance is crucial! Bypassing important checkpoints could result in a filter that is not working properly! Even if the water looks and tastes “the same”, your filter may not be doing its job. Schedule a free water checks to determine if your filtering system is working properly.

We provide you AMC for Domestic RO, Commercial RO & Industrial RO.

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