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Water filter water test

Why water filter…?

Some of the most harmful drinking water contaminants are invisible. The dangers of unfit water can exist in any water supply. For example, Lake water, well water or even municipal water is not guaranteed safe 100%. As a result, contaminated water tasks your immune system making you more susceptible to illness.

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*Bonus: Normally water contains two types of impurities.

  1. Suspended Particles
  2. Dissolved Solids.

The suspended solids are removed by a sediment filter with 5 microns or 1 micron. Therefore you will get sediment-free water. If you are having a municipal water supply one sediment filter and a carbon filter in point to entry. In other words, before your water tank will make sure you have safe water for regular use like bathing, washing & Cleaning. Still, the water is not fully safe for drinking.

The second category is total dissolved solids. which is identified by chemical testing. We can measure the total value of dissolved substance by a TDS meter. But we can’t confirm whether it contains any harmful metal like lead or fluoride. So, a water filter with reverse osmosis will solve this. The hole size of Revere Osmosis is 0.001 Micron. Which will remove about 90% of the dissolved solids.

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