Clack USA Control Valve WS 1 TC for Softener or Multimedia

ر.ع.200.000 ر.ع.165.000

Automatic Controle Valve for Softener
High Quality Made in USA Product
01 Year Standard Warranty
Model: WS 1 TC (1″ Connection)


Clack Valve Oman

Clack’s WS1 Automatic valve is a state-of-the-art control head designed for residential and commercial applications requiring flow rates up to 27 GPM (6.1 m³/hr). It has a backwash ability capable of servicing up to 22″ diameter tanks.

The valve acts as a primary center that directs and regulates all cycles of water softening or filtration. It can be set to perform downflow regeneration or simply backwash and rinse.

The valve comes in different program versions and is controlled by a solid-state microprocessor with a front panel setting and screen display.

The WS1 has 9 injector sizes to choose from for different draw rates. Clack Valve Oman

    • Backwash and bringing ability to 22″ diameter tanks


    • Solid-state microprocessor with easy access front panel settings


    • The double backwash feature offers efficiency, optimum regeneration, and cleaning  ability


    • Days between regeneration feature:  1-99 days standard;  7-day optional


    • Downflow regeneration


    • 10 selectable pre-programmed regeneration cycles


    • Stores system configuration and operation data in nonvolatile memory


    • 12-volt output AC Adapter provides safe and easy installation


    • Control valve design provides optimum service and backwash  rates


    • Reliable and proven DC drive


Clack Valve Oman Muscat WS 1 TC


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Clack Valve Oman


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