Float Valve


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Model: UV FTV01

float valves serve as level controls to automatically stop the stream of water into the tank or reservoir when the water level reaches a specified level. When the water level reaches the float, the buoyancy of the float elevates the arm, bringing the valve into the closed position. When used in conjunction with a diaphragm style automatic shut-off valve (sold separately), the backpressure created by closing the tank valve will trigger the diaphragm shut-off valve to turn off the water feed to the system. When water is used and the level drops, the valve will open, disengaging the shut-off valve, allowing feed water to the RO system to resume until the tank is refilled.

For use with atmospheric (non-pressurized) storage tanks or another reservoir. Installed by drilling a hole into the side of the reservoir slightly above the desired shut-off level and attaching the valve to the interior of a tank with the included nut.


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