Hypochlorous acid sanitiser disinfectant solution 5 Liter Can / Drum

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Excellent efficacy against all microbes.
Can be safely applied directly to the skin without dilution.
Origin : UAE / GCC
Packing: 5 Liter Can


Culligan Safe Guard 45H25

Hypochlorous acid sanitiser

 Excellent efficacy against all microbes.
 Mimics human immune system.
 Can be safely applied directly to skin without dilution.
 Fast rate of kill and no resistance.
 Low hazard classification – no protective gear required.
 Non-toxic.
 Long shelf-life, even at elevated temperatures.
 Many times more effective than commonly used solutions for killing bacteria (including spore formers), viruses, fungi, mould and mildew.

Specification Appearance
Clear, colourless liquid with faint,
characteristic odour
Specific Gravity : 1.00 – 1.01
pH as supplied : 4.5 – 5.0
Flash Point : Non-flammable
Culligan Hazard Category : A – Non-Hazardous
U.N. No.  Not Classified as Hazardous for Air, Land or
Sea Transport.
IMDG Class : Not Classified as Hazardous for Sea

CULLIGAN SAFE GUARD 45H25 is a high purity aqueous solution of
hypochlorous acid. If you’re like most people, you’ve never heard of
hypochlorous acid, despite the fact that it’s in your body – as in right now –
fighting the good fight. And by that, we mean the fight against infection because
it’s the substance your white blood cells produce to keep you healthy. Because
of this, hypochlorous acid uses are increasing every day.

You might be surprised to learn that your immune system’s fighter, hypochlorous
acid, is actually based on chlorine. It’s so gentle that hypochlorous acid is FDA
approved for use in wound care and eye care products and is also common in
veterinary care. It’s also used in the UK in agriculture, as a biocide for horses
and in dental care. It can kill E. coli and salmonella on contact with no harmful
residues, which makes it ideal for food applications. It’s FDA approved for use
in produce preservation and USDA approved for organic crop production. There
has been extensive research on the gentleness and efficacy of hypochlorous acid.
It’s so effective that hospitals use it as a disinfectant in both the US and Japan.
We have harnessed the power of hypochlorous acid with our novel production
process to produce a safe but powerful multi-purpose cleaner and deodorizer
that’s just as effective as conventional cleaners but with no harmful chemicals,
residues or fumes. What’s more it allows the solution to be stable for much longer
than previously available. We do not add unnecessary ingredients to stabilize or
preserve our product stability.
Hypochlorous acid, the active ingredient in CULLIGAN SAFE GUARD 45H25 is
produced naturally by the body to combat infection. White blood cells release
this natural oxidant to fight invading pathogens. The hypochlorous acid
produced by the human body’s immune system:
✓ Reacts readily with a variety of microbial sub-cellular compounds
✓ Interferes with their metabolic processes
✓ Kills individual bacterium exposed within milliseconds

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