One Year Service Contract (AMC) for RO Filter upto 100GPD


  • 1 Year Extended Warranty
  • Filter Service Contract
  • Make Sure Filter performance
  • Timely service without fail. 


What is a 12-month service agreement…?
A service program that will assure you to have the highest quality of water and the best service for your water system throughout the agreement period.


What is covered by the agreement…?
1. Regular visit every 3-month period.
2. Other Visit to cover emergency repair & client call  (within 48 Hour during working days).
3. Verify the systems are functioning properly during the service agreement period.
4. Analyze & replacing exhausted filter during the 3-month visits.
5. Free of Cost Repairing & replacing the defective parts during the agreement

What is not covered by the agreement…?
1. Maintenance against Misuse, Change of water content, direct sunlight, High water
consumption than rated value & other causes beyond our control.
2. Shifting or relocating the systems and adding or modifying.
3. Replacement of softener pump.
4. Any maintenance job required prior to the agreement date or after the agreement.

Place the order and provide your contact details. Our Service team will be in touch with you for the appointment.


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