pH Meter I Water Tester


  • High Quality & Durability
  • Pocket Size
  • Easy to Use

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Model: UV PHM

Digital PH Meter, PH Meter 0.01 PH High Accuracy Water Quality Tester with 0-13 PH Measurement Range for Household Drinking, Pool and Aquarium Water PH Tester Design

High Quality and Durable

It’s highly accurate for measuring a range of 0-14 PH, 0.1 PH resolution, measure & display pH result simultaneously with LCD display, reliable and quick reading.

Easy to Use

You just remove the protective cap and immerse the PH meter electrode in the solution and turn on the PH by “ON / OFF” switch to be measured. Beats the heck out of trying to see the colours of a litmus strip.

Easy to Calibrate

You can simply follow the instruction on the provided packet of solution 4.01 or 6.86, immerse the PH tester in the solution until numbers get stable.

Pocket Size

It’s only 1.83 oz with the size of 6×1.1×0.5 inch so that you can put it in your pocket wherever you go outside for a PH testing, it also comes with a handy storage case and 3 packets ph buffer powder for calibrating.


Clean the electrode with distilled water every time before and after use

Be careful with the glass probe since it may be a little fragile when you use.

Remember to gently wipe it with a clean, soft cloth when you’re done before capping it again.

Open the battery case or replace the battery, then need to re-calibrate the meter


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