Calcium Chloride Oman Muscat – 25 kg China 94%

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Imported High Quality 

Application: Pharma, Food & Beverages etc 

Origin: China

Packing: 25Kg Bag

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Calcium Chloride Oman Muscat Anhydrous

Calcium chloride is an inorganic compound, a salt with the chemical formula CaCl₂. It is a white-colored crystalline solid at room temperature, and it is highly soluble in water. It can be created by neutralizing hydrochloric acid with calcium hydroxide. Wikipedia
Molar mass: 110.98 g/mol
Formula: CaCl2
IUPAC ID: Calcium chloride
Melting point: 772 °C
Boiling point: 1,935 °C
Calcium Chloride Oman Muscat - 25 kg China 94% 2

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Weight 25 kg


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