Calcium Hypochlorite Granules HTH Made in USA

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Chlorine Granules 

Treatment of water in swimming pools

Dissolves quickly & raises the chlorine level of water fast.

Concentration: 70%

Origin: USA

Packing: 45Kg Drum

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Chlorine Oman

Chlorine is arguably one of the most efficient broad-spectrum sanitizers for drinking and pool water – tackling germs that include bacteria, viruses, fungi, and microscopic plant life such as algae.

HTH™ Chlorine Granules is calcium hypochlorite in a granular form containing typically 68 – 70% available chlorine. Used for the treatment of water in swimming pools. Will destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, and algae. Dissolves quickly and will raise the chlorine level of water fast. Suitable for use with all kinds of water, including very hard water. Compatible with all types of filtering equipment. Available in 45kg drums.


  • 70%* available chlorine content
  • ​A choice of regular de-dusted and Easiflo® products are available
  • The built-in scale inhibitor of the Easiflo®product helps reduce maintenance frequency by calcium carbonate formation on the internal parts of feeding equipment

*Test data from product selected shortly after manufacture from standard production stream at our Charleston factory (USA)

Sizes: 45kg
Application: Doseddirectly or via daily preparation pump and tank systems 




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Chlorine Oman

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Weight 45 kg


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