Chlorine Tablet for Water Treatment / Swimming Pool

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Treatment of water.

To Disinfect the water.

Origin: China

Packing: 50Kg Drum

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Chlorine Tablet Oman Swimming pool

Chlorine is effective against a large variety of microbes that cause waterborne diseases like typhoid, Diarrhoea, cholera, hepatitis, and many more. Chlorine tablets are globally credited for eliminating outbreaks of waterborne illnesses. Recently Life magazine has cited them as the “most significant public health advance of the millennium”.

They have been proven to be a rigid barrier between your health and waterborne pathogens. Chlorine tablets work as disinfectants by killing the microorganisms during the treatment of water and hence maintaining its quality for drinking. In addition to working against microbes, chlorine tablets have the potential to inactivate enzymes because of their high reactivity. But it does not affect cytoplasmic enzymes and hence the water is safe even for consumption.

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Chlorine Tablet Oman

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