Microfilter Fluux FX Water Filter Oman Muscat

ر.ع.45.000 ر.ع.40.000

  • Universal Connection 
  • 0.1 Micron uf membrane Legenolla Bacteria Removal
  • Cost Effective & High Capacity
  • Rust Proof, Food Grade Body
  • NSF Halal Wras Certified 
  • Made in Korea



Microfilter Fluux FX Water Filter Oman Muscat





Combination Applications



Bacteria found in drinking water pose a significant threat as harmful contaminants, leading to various infectious diseases like dysentery, cholera, hepatitis, and typhoid. The transmission of bacteria to potable water can occur through multiple means, including human and animal waste, and their entry into water sources happens through diverse precipitation channels such as snow melt and rainfalls. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates that all public water suppliers conduct regular tests for coliform bacteria and deliver water that adheres to their specified standards.

Microfilter’s FX-Basic filter cartridges are equipped with Ultra-Filtration technology, effectively eliminating bacteria and ensuring the provision of clean, safe drinking water for end-users.


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Microfilter Fluux FX Water Filter Oman Muscat



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Microfilter Fluux FX Water Filter Oman Muscat



Hybrid cartridge suitable for tight HORECA kitchen space : 4 step “All-In-One” [ SD + CB + UF + Polyphosphate (option) ]

Longer life-span compared to current market products
: Approx. 10 % increased capacity depending on raw water quality

Eliminates ultrasmall bacteria (over 100+ E-coli)
: Efficient removal by 0.1micron UF filter

Compatible filter key structure
: Compatible fitting with most of existing head

Chlorine Reduction Ratio
: Competitor (15,000 gallon) vs. 7% above


Reinforced anti-microbial protection
: Inhibits any potential bacterial growth


A variety of suitable options
: 15”/17”/21” with a variety of derivatives

Robust & Aesthetic appreciated Design
: Thicker cartridge (t: 5.6mm vs avg. 4.5mm), FDA certified materials
: “Easy-Grip” (Ø : 75mm vs avg. 78mm)
: Simple, elegant design/structure

Microfilter Fluux FX Water Filter Oman Muscat


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