Water Softener Salt Based for hard water remove calcium & magnesium

ر.ع.1,100.000 ر.ع.1,000.000

Fully automatic system. 

Designed for well water & municipal water.

Prevent Scaling and Rusting.

Best quality product.


  • Water Softener
  • Model: UV WS01
  • Vessel Size: 13” Diameter x 54” Height
  • Clack USA Valve 1”
  • Brine Tank
  • 1 x Jumbo Filter
  • Fittings
  • One Year Warranty De
  • Free Delivery & Installation in Muscat Area
  • Designed to treat well water & municipal water to remove hardness causing minerals calcium & magnesium.

The ion exchange water softener is one of the most common tools of water treatment. Its function is to remove scale-forming calcium and magnesium ions from hard water. In many cases soluble iron (ferrous) can also be removed with softeners. A standard system has four major components: a resin tank, resin, a brine tank and a valve or controller.

*Note: Price and Photo subject to change as per client water quality and site condition. Call us for a free demo, water test and get a quote for your requirement.


How does water softener work? (Principles of Ion Exchange to Soften Water)

Calcium and magnesium ions are atoms having a positive electrical charge, as do sodium and potassium ions. Ions of the same charge can be exchanged. In the ion exchange process, a granular substance (usually a resin) that is coated with sodium or potassium ions comes into contact with water containing calcium and magnesium ions. Two positively charged sodium or potassium ions are exchanged (released into the water) for every calcium or magnesium ion that is held by the resin. This “exchange or trade” happens because sodium or potassium are loosely held by the resin. In this way, calcium and magnesium ions responsible for hardness are removed from the water, held by the resin, and replaced by sodium or potassium ions in the water. This process makes water “soft.” Eventually, a point is reached when very few sodiums or potassium ions remain on the resin, thus no more calcium or magnesium ions can be removed from the incoming water. The resin at this point is said to be “exhausted” or “spent,” and must be “recharged” or “regenerated.”


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